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»Communicating Technology With Passion«

The PR experts of rtfm offer pan-European public relations work. Be it comprehensively for your entire company or perfectly tailored for your recent project – we deliver Europe-wide custom PR solutions.

Technology is driving Europe forward.

»Our hearts beat for technology. And for Europe.«

European markets are merging – and they all share a passion for technology. Nonetheless, important influencers from different countries have to be approached individually and in their native language. This is done best by local experts. Gain the most from a perfect combination: rtfm | public relations offers one central and personal key contact, who handles your whole pan-European PR, and an individual approach to the important multipliers of each country.

Consistent, simultaneous communication.

»Global product launch-dates require a new approach.«

In our digital world, consistent and simultaneous communication with media representatives is of the essence. A centralised pan-European public relations approach guarantees perfectly timed communication in each market. It also provides passionate local contacts for important multipliers.

Perfectly scalable.

»Not every country is equally important to you. That’s why our European PR is easily scalable.«

Pan-European PR is easily scalable: Strengthen your most important markets without neglecting other regions. You choose the approach and budget for each country, giving you maximum flexibility and control over your budget.

Specialists in each country.

»Only those who understand a product 
can talk passionately about it.«

We communicate technology with passion. Pan-European. In doing so, we always keep the big picture in mind while considering the individual needs of each local market. Thanks to our Europe-wide network, we have access to PR specialist in each country who know their markets and products by heart.

One central key contact for all your needs.

»Successful communication is the result of know-how and 
trustful cooperation.«

The best thing about pan-European PR is: You have access to one central key contact. He will be available for your PR requests at any time and relay information to your other European PR agencies quickly, reliably and comprehensively. This means your message will be adopted perfectly in each market, resulting in maximum impact.

All influencers under one roof.

»PR has become more diverse: Bloggers and classical journalists alike have a huge influence on their readers.«

The media landscape has changed: Besides classical journalists, digital influencers like bloggers or YouTubers are an integral part of modern communication. Relying on our services, you are guaranteed to reach all relevant multipliers in each country. Our local partners ensure an outstanding relationship with classical journalists as well as digital media and influencers from social networks.

Native speakers for each region.

»Communication can only be successful if we understand each other.«

All employees of rtfm are native German speakers with in-depth knowledge of the English language, equalling C2-level. This guarantees flawless and precise communication with all European countries. We will happily accept your briefings in German or English language. Our European PR experts will afterwards translate this information into their respective native language.

Texts written by editors for editors.

»Finding the right approach is crucial for successful communication.«

All employees of rtfm | public relations have a journalistic background. Based on this experience and the outstanding technical expertise gained over many years, our network can address each country and target group with the perfect approach to provide maximum PR impact. We also offer localisation of press releases and news items as well as advertising text or catalogues on the highest level.

Consistent reporting.

»Visualising success via reporting helps 
measuring the effectiveness of PR.«

Based on a comprehensive and detailed reporting, you will receive valuable feedback about each market: Which media did pick up your news or ask for review samples? What is their opinion about your company and why? Weekly and monthly reports will keep you up-to-date at any time.

Outstanding pan-European 
expertise and experience.

»Optimal results deriving from a pan-European PR network and expertise in international communications-management.«

rtfm represents longstanding experience in coordinating pan-European public relations. Several clients trust in our European (and even worldwide) PR expertise. We would love to present you our recent success stories.

Pan-European PR convinces through…

  • Consistent communication for all markets
  • Easy scalability by country
  • A central key contact for you
  • In-depth know-how of technological topics
  • Briefings in German or English language
  • Management of review samples
  • Reaching all relevant multipliers
  • Receiving a detailed reporting

All countries handled centrally for…

  • A reliable distribution of information to all core-markets
  • Focused support of key countries
  • Long-term support for secondary markets
  • Access to PR agencies in various European metropolises
  • Communication through native speakers
  • Receiving valuable aggregated feedback from each market
  • Profiting from strategic advice from local experts

From the specialists for tech-PR.

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We will gladly take the time to answer all your questions about pan-European PR during an extensive conversation. Take a moment to consider the numerous advantages of centralised PR, our expertise and the huge potential savings a consistent, pan-European public relations approach offers. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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